Semisi mugshot

Semisi Fetokai Potauaine



Sēmisi grew up in a rich cultural environment where he had early exposure by way of lived experience to a number of Tongan art forms. These ranged from tool-making, house-building and kafa-sennit-plaiting, through to music, oratory and dance, mat-weaving, bark-cloth-making, traditional healing and many others. He works as a multi-media artist, across a number of disciplines, notably architecture, sculpture, tattooing, painting, weaving and computer graphic designing. His research concentrates on time and space, culture and language, theory and practice and art and literature amongst others. He has co-authored a book, written journal articles, and is the principal illustrator of a new Pacific children’s book series.

Sēmisi has held a variety of positions in the creative industry, which include working as a land-surveying technician and now an Architecture, Art & Design consultant. Sēmisi is a Master of Architecture (prof) contracting supervisor and examiner in Architecture at the University of Auckland.

Sēmisi was awarded a Commonwealth Connections International Arts Residency in 2009, which he undertook at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge, UK, in 2010.