Pavilion Art Gallery

A large dedicated art gallery within the Pavilion featured a companion exhibition of small sculptural works, as well as maquettes of the works exhibited along the walk, and other works from these sculptors.

In and around the Pavilion were sculptural works by invited artists including Virginia King, Paul Hartigan, Filipe Tohi, and Anah Dunsheath, to name a few.

This initiative was very successful and broadened the experience for visitors, it also gave many the opportunity to take an affordable work home with them.

Artists Talks at 10.00am and 3.00pm, Monday to Friday, provided an opportunity to meet the artists and hear about their work and practice.

Sculpture & Artwork Sales

All works exhibited on the walkway, in the Pavilion Art Gallery and in the Pavilion itself were for sale.  In all, over 80 works have been sold to date, which is a major achievement, and we thank all the artists for their creativity and involvement.

For more information aboout the artwork, please contact:

Linda Chalmers, Director, Waiheke Community Art Gallery
Phone: (09) 372 9907